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Image Center

Welcome to our Image Center! 

For a detailed explanation of how our Image Center works, please read the description below.

To view your portrait session or wedding images posted to Collages, click here. 

To view images from the 2013 Kirkland Concours d' Elegance, we have these links for viewing images:

  1. To view the Tour d'Elegance images, click here. 
  2. To view the Tour d'Jour images, click here. 
  3. To view the Concours Gala images, click here. 
  4. To view the Concours Gala Portrait images, click here. 
  5. To view the Concours Car Portrait images, click here. 
  6. To view the Concours Award images, click here. 

Description of how our Image Center works:

Our most recent sessions are posted to an integrated third party web site called Collages.   Once you click on the link below, you will see a listing of our recent postings.  Scroll down to locate the images for your session.  (Your position in this listing changes as we post new sessions). 

To see the images for your session, click on the image or title for that session.  You will be asked for the password that we issued to you, and then to answer a couple of questions regarding your email address, connection speed and first name.  You will then come to the home page for viewing your session.  There are lots of options, including the ability to view a webshow, view images one at a time by clicking on the various folders, and to purchase online as well through a secure, internet shopping cart capability.

To view your session images, click here. 

If you do not see your session listed, please contact our studio at 425-822-3868.


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Humanature Photography Humanature Photography Humanature Photography