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Santa Portraits

OK Santa Fans!  Hereís our Santa Portrait information for 2017!

First, we appreciate your patience.  Losing the studio at the end of last year due to a non-negotiable 25% rental rate increase has caused us to really change our business.  But Santa Portraits live on, in a similar, but also different way.

Second, whatís the same you ask?  We still have our great Santa that you have all come to know and love.   And thereís me!  Iím still here too!  We are also bringing back a couple of elves that have served us well in the past, so you will be in great hands though the Santa experience.

Third, whatís different?  Our address!  We will be right across Market Street from our old studio at Windermereís Central Real Estate Office at 737 Market Street through the courtesy of our Santa customer, real estate agent and great friend, John Fiala, and their owner Mike Connolly. That building, and our old studio were both built in 1891, and feature the same red brick walls!So, it will be a little different, but as close to the same look and feel as we can make it.

Finally, the information you are waiting for:  The Schedule!

Since we are using another businesses building, we have to work around their schedule.  Times are extremely limited, so schedule early:

         Saturday, December 2nd, 9AM-10:30 and 2:30-4:45pm

         Sunday, December 3rd, 1:30-4:45pm. 

         Saturday, December 9th, 9AM-10:30 and 2:30-4:45pm

  • Sunday, December 10th, 10AM-4:45pm 

Your children will enjoy quality time with Santa in a relaxed 15 minute visit and photo session that costs $35, and you will still be able to review and purchase your Santa Portraits at the session. 

Our sessions feature:

  • A gentle Santa with natural beard
  • No waiting in line!
  • Easy parking
  • Choose your preferred pose at the session

Call us now at 425-822-3868, or call me on my cell at 425-985-1731, or email to to schedule your appointment.  Portrait sessions are limited and will book up fast.  Take this opportunity to capture this time in your family's history.

To see a sample of our Santa Portraits, click here.


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